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Want to produce your own project?

Pitch to eiv!

EIV produces scripted and unscripted content every semester.

Pitching an EIV Show: 

You’ve written your dream project. Congrats! Now it is time to join EIV’s newest semester of programming. Put together your dream team of Executive Producers and present your idea to the EIV Board for the chance to see your project come to life. Each EIV show is given funding, tech, and access to resources only EIV can provide. Pitches happen towards the end of each semester, and is your chance to explain why your project should be in our lineup. Be sure to fill out your Pitch Packet, hit deadlines, and bring energy to your pitch. Check our webstie and follow our socials to keep up with deadlines!


Email or your pitch packet, script, and resumés by April 7th by 11:59pm.

Timeline and resources

PiTCH INFOrmation sessions

Not required but highly encouraged!

The EIV board tells you everything you need to know about what pitches are and how to adequately prepare. They outline all of their expectations and answer any questions you may have.

EXecutive producer Panel

Not required but highly encouraged!

This is your opportunity to hear from EPs who have produced an EIV production from start to finish. Ask them questions and use them as a resource as you gear up for pitches.

Pitch workshops


Hear from the EIV board about what exactly they are looking for in a successful pitch presentation. Ask questions and get direct feedback!

Pitches by appointment only

April 7th by 11:59pm HARD DEADLINE

To schedule your pitch, you MUST submit a thoroughly completed pitch packet. This has all the information about your production clearly outlined. 


Pitches will occur by appointment April 21-23.

Frequently asked questions:

How many EPs should be on my production?

Generally, we require at least 3!

Can Freshmen pitch?

Yes! However, we strongly encourage that you also have an upperclassmen as one of the EPs, but it is not required.

What type of material can I pitch?

EIV offers a wide range of content, including animation, news, television shows, and short films. We are open to any and all types of productions within reason.

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