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So you want to join EIV? Great! Let’s make it happen. There are many ways to be involved in EIV depending on what you are interested in.

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Working on an EIV Set

Our Hiring Weekend happens at the beginning of each semester, after the org fair and our EIV General Meeting. Prep your resume, headshots, or sizzle reels as you go show to show in the hopes of landing a spot. Daunting. isn’t. We have a vast amount of positions on our sets, and are looking for as much or as little experience you can bring. EIV prides itself on giving experience, rather than requiring it. We have a constantly rotating programming and news lineup each semester, so opportunities to work on sets are ample. Keep an eye on our social pages for updates on Hiring Weekend! 

Pitching an EIV Show: 

You’ve written your dream project. Congrats! Now it is time to join EIV’s newest semester of programming. Put together your dream team of Executive Producers and present your idea to the EIV Board for the chance to see your project come to life. Each EIV show is given funding, tech, and access to resources only EIV can provide. Pitches happen towards the end of each semester, and is your chance to explain why your project should be in our lineup. Be sure to fill out your Pitch Packet, hit deadlines, and bring energy to your pitch. Follow our socials to keep up with deadlines! Email or to ask questions about pitching your project. 

EIV Board Positions

The EIV Board does the work behind the scenes to ensure EIV projects, sets, and logistics run smoothly. Led by the General Manager, our board is composed of people dedicated to all aspects of production: Deputy General Manager, Programming Director, News Director, Business Manager, Tech Director, Marketing Director, and Unit Manager. Each term is two semesters, however you may apply for another position following your completed term. Many board positions hire assistants or teams as well, which are a great opportunity to learn about the position, the EIV Board, and the inner workings of the organization. Keep an eye on our Facebook and EmConnect for hiring postings. Visit the About Us page to see our current board members and contact information.

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