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Have some questions about EIV? 

See if any of these frequently asked questions answer them or email!

What are workshops?

Workshops take place over the course of the semester and attendance goes toward non-tuition credits! They are designed to teach students about specific topics and can range from directing to marketing. They are an excellent resource for learning concepts or techniques that are not typically taught in a traditional classroom setting. To gain the non-tuition credit, you must fill out the interest form for attendance and you MUST attend 5 workshops total, or 3 workshops if you are also working on a production. For any questions regarding workshops, email

Help, I missed hiring weekend!
can I still be involved?
How do I keep up with releases?

EIV productions releases on EIV platforms including our Youtube and Website. Shows may also release on personal accounts, so keep track through EIV's social media as well as the individual productions. There is not a regular release schedule, so always be on the lookout for announcements! We also have our release schedule available our calendar.

What does each position do?

You may be looking to go for hiring weekend and don't know what each position does. To learn more, here is a document with a basic description of key set positions! 

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You can definitely still be involved with EIV after hiring weekend! We have a marketing team and assistant positions that are available at certain times in the semester. We also hold workshops every month that can go towards a non-tuition credit! Follow our Instagram @eivproductions for any and all updates throughout the semester!

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