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EIV offers this program to work with you to develop your production. Get direct feedback from our Directors of Development to fine tune your idea and set yourself up for the pitches that are held at the end of every semester. 

This is not production purgatory

Although the program is open to anyone who wants to join, sometimes the EIV board places productions who have already gone through the pitching process to be placed into development. This is a good thing! This means we like your idea, it just needs a little more fine-tuning in order to be ready for our semester lineup. Our Directors of Development meet with you once a week to give you guidance on how to strengthen your production. This includes direct feedback on content, scripts, logistics, and more!


Going through our development process shows us your commitment to your project. Many of the productions in our lineups have gone through development first!

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How it all works

Once a week through the entire semester you will meet with our Director of Development. Then, the week before real pitches, we will offer mock pitches to give you some extra practice and feedback to set you up for success. And the best part? Anyone can join! This will give you the best chances at getting picked up for our lineup. 

Any questions? Feel free to email our Deputy General Manager!

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