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Named Organization of the Year for 2018-2019 and 2006-2007, Emerson Independent Video models its operations on that of a television station. EIV's goal is to provide an opportunity for Emerson College students to apply or learn skills in all phases of television production in a professional atmosphere. Whether students are interested in marketing, directing, producing, or writing, the organization has a place for all. EIV has programs of all types in all stages of development. Over the years, EIV has won numerous national college broadcasting awards as well as having programming air on cable and national outlets.

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Our Team

0F93C180-865C-416C-9681-4BC17F34E445 - Mallory Barraco.jpeg

General Manager

AC51BF53-4613-4729-B5AF-19880586999C - Unscripted Department.jpeg
B5378221-655E-4CDD-A565-2D44D876FB34 - Fallon Heelen.jpeg
Fallon Heelen

Deputy General Manager

1F04E49C-0067-4ECF-B982-9E72A2267A8A - John Carrigan.jpeg
John Carrigan
972FA0DC-A42A-40DF-AE80-975249CDDBA7 - Scripted Department.jpeg
Maeve Huttner

Head of Scripted

IMG_4590 - Rodrigo Mariano.heic
Talia Biery

Head of Unscripted

Tech Manager

Business Manager

Image from iOS.jpg
C677FA79-7150-4BD1-B764-B228966DFC49 - Grant Morris.jpeg

Marketing Director


Post-Production Manager

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